Sleep is a power-saving state that allows a computer to quickly resume full-power operation when you want to start working again.


The Log on automatically on startup check box enables automatic logon on Windows reboot, cold start and wakeup.

Selecting the Delay logon for … second(s) option delays automatic logon for the number of seconds specified in the text box. This extra time, for example, can be used by Windows to initialize a network connection.

The Log on/off with scheduler check box turns on and off a scheduler built into LogonExpert. The LogonExpert scheduler provides common functionality and is easy to configure. Advanced users can take advantage of the Windows Task Scheduler and LogonExpert command line options to create complex tasks.

The Wake computer check box appears each time a logon is being set up in the scheduler. This option wakes the computer from sleep mode to perform the scheduled logon. If a logoff task is selected, the Put computer to sleep check box appears instead, enabling which, in its turn, puts the computer to sleep mode after the scheduled logoff is performed.