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Novell Client / Client for OES
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All current automatic logon solutions for Microsoft Windows use one of two approaches. One group stores data in the system registry; the rest store their data in Local Security Authority storage (LSASecret). You can find different variations on these solutions, from predefined registry entry changes to separate programs. You can review almost all of them in our list of competitive automatic logon solutions.

Data from the registry can be retrieved simply with RegEdit, and data from LSASecret with any program which shows LSASecret passwords. These locations can also be accessed remotely via a network. Both solutions are absolutely insecure, as with either it is very simple to steal logon and password data.

LogonExpert is a secure approach to automatic logon. It stores logon data encrypted with the AES 256 algorithm. It directly interacts with WinLogon (the part of the operating system responsible for logon) to ensure that no other application can intercept logon data. It has many other useful features.