The Credentials tab is used to securely store the user name, password / PIN and domain LogonExpert works with.

The logon name of a user who needs to be automatically logged on to Windows should be entered in the User name text box.

The password or PIN associated with the above-mentioned logon name should be entered in the Password / PIN text box. If the password / PIN is blank, which is very insecure, this box should be left blank as well.

The eye icon is used to check if the password was entered correctly. For safety purposes, once the logon information is saved, this icon will be removed until the password is entered again.

The Log on to drop-down list is enabled and can be used only if the system is a member of at least one Active Directory domain.

If the credentials (user name and password / PIN) are typed accurately in the corresponding text boxes and none of the default LogonExpert settings is changed, the user will be automatically logged on to their account on each computer boot. In case the default logon pattern needs to be modified, a specific logon time can be set on the Conditions tab.