The Cancel autologon when "Shift" key is pressed check box provides the option to interrupt the process of automatic logon by pressing the Shift key. The word canceled under the LogonExpert logo in the top right corner of the logon screen indicates that the command was executed successfully.

The LogonExpert logo indicating that a logon was interrupted

An automatic logon can be canceled with the Shift key even if it was performed through the command line. However, after such a logon is canceled, the command line tool will remain unusable until the next successful manual logon or reboot.

The Show LogonExpert logo check box is accessible to registered users only and allows them to stop the LogonExpert logo from appearing on the logon screen. Nevertheless, whenever a logon is interrupted manually (with the Shift key) or due to some error, the logo with the word canceled will still appear.

Two options are available for the legal notice, a custom message configured by the administrator that users must agree to prior to having access to the logon screen (as shown in the picture below). LogonExpert can either disregard the notice and proceed with the logon (Bypass legal notice during autologon) or hold up the logon process until the user clicks the OK button (Suspend autologon until user clicks "OK").

A sample legal notice in Windows 10