Micro Focus OES support

In version 8.0 we introduced support of the Micro Focus Client for Open Enterprise Server (formerly Novell NetWare) for Windows (hereinafter "the OES Client"). This means you can also automatically log on to NetWare and OES Linux servers in the same secure way.

You need to make sure to install the OES Client on your system prior to configuring LogonExpert. Once it is installed and detected by LogonExpert, a new item named Micro Focus OES is added to the Log on to drop-down list found on LogonExpert Administrator’s Credentials tab. Selecting it adds an additional set of credential fields.

To establish a successful connection, the OES Client requires correct eDirectory logon parameters (a tree name, a tree context and a server name). These parameters are stored in the system registry and should be saved separately for each user. In case the parameters have not been saved previously, when you click Save on LogonExpert Administrator’s Credentials tab, it will display a standard OES Client dialog box prompting you to fill out the remaining data and validate the credentials.

LogonExpert will log on the Windows user using its own settings regardless of what is saved on the OES Client’s Windows tab. The settings from the Script and NMAS tabs will be respected.