The Allow unprivileged users to configure LogonExpert check box enables users without administrative rights to configure the application as well as run the command line tool.

To make sure a user is always kept logged on, check the Keep computer logged on check box. It will log the user back on each time they attempt to log off.

The Keep computer unlocked check box allows you to have the computer automatically unlocked whenever it is:

  • woken up from sleep or hibernation either manually or with a LogonExpert scheduled logon task
  • manually locked (either with the Windows logo key +L combination or through the Start menu) or whenever the user account is changed (using Fast User Switching)
  • powered up after sleep
  • locked after the screensaver is shut off
  • locked by Windows after a specified amount of idle time
  • locked by any third-party application

The computer will not be automatically unlocked if it is locked with the LogonExpert command line tool (using the -lock switch).

The Lock computer after logon check box works in the same way as if the Lock button from the Start menu was clicked (or the Windows logo key +L combination was pressed) right after logon. This option prevents the computer from being accessed by people who do not know the account password.

The Log on straight to desktop option helps you bypass the Metro-style interface in Windows 8/Server 2012 (appearing every time you log onto or unlock your computer) and go straight to the classic Windows desktop.