“Security, security and security again” — this was our primary focus. We studied all the ways one could attack a system with automatic logon. We then made LogonExpert autologon software and all its data as protected as it can possibly be, while preserving simple configuration options and an intuitive interface.

Direct integration with WinLogon

LogonExpert directly integrates with WinLogon without using any intermediary software, the Windows registry, or any other insecure storage.

Data security

LogonExpert stores authentication data encrypted with the strong algorithm known as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Post-logon protection

Post-logon protection checkbox LogonExpert can lock the workstation desktop immediately after the system is logged on in order to prevent unauthorized access to the computer.

User rights control

User control checkbox By default, LogonExpert can be run only under the administrator account. This safeguards logon data even if there are other users on the computer. However, if necessary you can allow auto login configuration to users without administrative privileges.

Scheduled automatic logon and scheduled logoff

scheduled tasks example LogonExpert provides you with powerful autologon scheduling. You can set a simple delay before every logon, or plan a logon (and logoff) for any time in the future.

Bypassing autologin barriers

Whatever might appear — a legal notice, an unexpected shutdown event or window — LogonExpert will bypass it. Bypassing a standard Ctrl+Alt+Del pre-logon request is handled routinely.

Command Line Control

Command line usage example LogonExpert comes with a special executable file that allows you to use most of its functions (logging on and logging off any user account, locking and unlocking the computer, enabling and disabling autologon, setting up login credentials etc) through the command line.

Command line-based multi-user logon

LogonExpert allows you to log on any number of local or domain users to one computer using the command line, a batch or script file, PsExec (remotely) or third-party scheduling/automation software.

Seamless automatic unlocking

No need to enter your logon credentials anymore. Any system or user-initiated computer lock (except for those performed with the LogonExpert command line tool) can be automatically unlocked.

Support of Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 and their server editions

Compatible with Windows 8 logo Compatible with Windows 10 logo Microsoft has included completely new login technology in its latest operating systems. Enhanced security brings a new level of logon control. LogonExpert meets and complements all of Microsoft’s new requirements, working perfectly on modern Windows operating systems.

Safe mode support

Safe mode checkbox Even loaded in safe mode, LogonExpert will work normally. You can allow or disallow this capability, as it is easily configurable.

Ease of autologon interruption

Shift key checkbox If your plans change and you do not want to logon automatically, you can easily interrupt automatic logon: just press a “Shift” key and autologon will be canceled. If you prefer not to allow users to interrupt automatic logon, you can disable this option.

While this product was developed primarily for servers, it is quite functional for home and office users. LogonExpert does not differentiate between a server or a personal computer.